Fifteen years ago I said, “I do”. At that time I had no idea the adventures we would go on or the places we would travel. We have lived in five different states and had close to a dozen moves in these fifteen years. So many miles have encompassed our time together but these miles have not come between us. Quite the contrary, we have grown closer than ever before and have learned how to be content with just us because we have never lived anywhere that had family in the same town.

When we married we didn’t know how to be married. We both came from different backgrounds and different cultures. I was a small town girl from West Texas. He was a city boy from São Paulo, Brazil. Our accents were heavy and talking on the phone was very interesting but at times frustrating. He had a hard time understanding my twang and I had a hard time understanding his dialect. But, we figured it out and looking back now we get lots of laughs from those early days.

We lived in Fayetteville, North Carolina when we were first married. He was in the army and right off the bat we were hit with some battles. For many people, these would have been the demise of their marriage but somehow we plowed through. God knew that in His timing all this would change though. I remember driving by a church in Fayetteville one day. The motto on the sign was “A Vision to Change the World.” He was intrigued and wanted to visit. I was raised Southern Baptist and knew this church was far from that. But, by this point, I told God that as long as the church was Bible-based, I would attend if it meant getting him in the door (praise God it was Bible-based and actually ended up being the best church we have ever attended). We visited on a Sunday morning and went back the next week. At that second visit, he met Jesus for the first time. Since that amazing day in January 2003, our marriage and lives have been forever changed.

God has directed all our steps over these past fifteen years of marriage. We have been to some amazing places, lived in some great towns, met terrific people, and had great careers. Each move brought uncertainty but we knew that with God at the center, the change was an adventure we were ready to experience. God has been with us through the peaks and valleys along the way but we wouldn’t change any part of it because every step has made us who we are today. We are content with each other and we laugh, a lot! I believe these two qualities are the most priceless gifts you can have in a marriage. We can sit on the couch and say nothing to each other but be perfectly happy. We are ok with silence. We never worry what the other is doing and trust has never been an issue. We know that we have each other’s back no matter what. We support each other’s dreams and we have learned the importance of love and respect in marriage.

I have never met such a God-fearing person. I’ve never met someone that will read the Word and put into practice immediately what he has read. I’ve never met a person that strives to be the best version of himself he can be. I’ve never met someone that made such a dramatic 180º change once becoming a Christian. There is no one else like him on this earth and I’m grateful he chose me to be his wife and do life with him. And I am extremely thankful our son gets to learn from him and has such an amazing role model to follow in his life.

I thank God for the past fifteen years, for who we were back then and who we have become. And I look forward to what the future holds. I know it will be amazing!


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