I’m not sure how many have noticed, but there has been silence on the blog recently. Let me apologize, first and foremost. I took a break over the summer and then the summer came and went. I kept meaning to get back to writing but with all the tragedies going on in recent months it seemed my words were meaningless during such a desperate time. So, I was silent.

This silence has me thinking. How many times have I chosen silence during difficult times instead of speaking up? How many times have I hidden behind a facade instead of facing issues head on? Probably more times than I care to admit. And the silence of my writing is just another example of that.

By nature, I am very non-confrontational. Any difficult discussion will be avoided like the plague. If I think someone is upset with me or with something I’ve done I will replay conversations and actions ad nauseam. So, to speak up against the tragedies that keep happening and the conflict in our world right now is definitely not something I would do.

But, one thing I will do is acknowledge that God is God no matter what is happening around us. Nothing is a surprise to Him. He is not pleased with it and He did not cause it, but He knew it would happen. Satan has blinded the eyes of unbelievers and is god of this world.

But through it all, Jesus is King. He wins! We as Christians win. Tragedies will happen, we will face sadness but through it all, God will be right there, facing it with us. We will live in paradise with our King where there will be no more tragedy.

“Jesus wept” (John 11:35) gives us a clear, concrete visual of how our Lord feels when we face tragedies and hard times. In fact, at the Oklahoma City memorial, there is a statue of Jesus with his back to the memorial and he is weeping. John 11:35 is written on the plaque. Jesus feels our pain. His heart breaks when our heart breaks.

So, instead of staying silent, thank God that He is with us in the miry pit. He is with us in the heartbreak of losing a loved one. He is with us in the diagnosis. He is with us at the graveside. He is with us in the attacks at the hands of deranged individuals. He is with us. He will never leave us or forsake us.

Thank Him instead of staying silent. Thank Him for being with you and for carrying you through what you are facing. It won’t take the pain and confusion away but it will certainly give you a lifeline to cling to in times of distress.

Just don’t stay silent.


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  1. This is so beautiful and so true. I tend to do the same thing and just stay silence during difficult times. Need to speak up more especially glorifying God! Thanks for the reminder.

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