Fifteen years ago I said, “I do”. At that time I had no idea the adventures we would go on or the places we would travel. We have lived in five different states and had close to a dozen moves in these fifteen years. So many miles have encompassed our time together but these miles… Read More Us



We have all heard the acronym GOAT associated with Michael Phelps, Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and Michael Jordan. And yes, they are the Greatest of All Time in their particular sport. But, when it comes to everyday life, my mom takes the cake with the title of GOAT. She truly is the Greatest of All… Read More The GOAT



Sunday marks the eleventh year that my life was completed by a gift I never knew I needed. In honor of that special day, I wanted to share a few thoughts to my boy. My boy, Have you ever been given something you didn’t know you needed in your life? Maybe it was something for… Read More Eleven

Faith, Family


I am pretty sure I have always had an issue with trust – trusting equipment when rock climbing, trusting the rope when water skiing, trusting the process when trying to get healthy, trusting that someone will actually catch me in that stupid fall backward activity (who thought that would be a fun activity anyways!), etc. Recently,… Read More Trust


Just a Verb

“She is driving me crazy!” “He is such a handful!” “She is such a brat!” “He is trouble!” “She is wearing me out.” “She is out of control.” The list goes on and on because we have all heard these things said about children. The problem with these statements is these words describe the child,… Read More Just a Verb