I’m not sure how many have noticed, but there has been silence on the blog recently. Let me apologize, first and foremost. I took a break over the summer and then the summer came and went. I kept meaning to get back to writing but with all the tragedies going on in recent months it… Read More Silence


The Valley

Have you ever been in a valley? Whether figuratively or literally, valleys can be miserable. I never really understood the analogy of the valley until we lived in Arizona, in the ‘Valley of the Sun’. In the valley it is hot, the air quality is horrible, it is stifling. You can’t see over the mountains… Read More The Valley

Faith, Family


I am pretty sure I have always had an issue with trust – trusting equipment when rock climbing, trusting the rope when water skiing, trusting the process when trying to get healthy, trusting that someone will actually catch me in that stupid fall backward activity (who thought that would be a fun activity anyways!), etc. Recently,… Read More Trust


His Image

How many times have you thought one of these statements: I am so stupid! I am so fat. She is so much prettier than I will ever be. He lifts heavier than I ever will be able to lift. He is such a faster runner than I. I’m a failure. I’m a horrible parent/brother/friend/teacher/etc… I’m… Read More His Image