A Treasured Gift

Have you ever received a gift that as soon as you received it you knew it was something really special? A gift that you cherish always and have never forgotten the giver? A gift that you know would bless someone else just as much as it has blessed you?

Six years ago when working at a school in Fayetteville, NC, one of my coworkers, who was also the mom of one of my all-time favorite students, gave me a gift. This gift was unlike any I have ever received before or since. The thought put into the gift and the love portrayed by the gesture is still beyond words. This gift was a stack of prayer cards wrapped in a pretty bow that she had made for me to use to pray for my son. Each one personalized with our son’s name inserted throughout. Over one hundred prayer cards were in that stack. I have never seen anything like it and still, six years later, am in awe of this gift.

Sometimes I feel like I pray repetitive prayers. I think that God wants to just yell down, “I got it! Can’t you say anything else!?!” Of course, I know this isn’t the case but it sometimes feels like I’ve said the same thing one million times over that past eleven years. But, with this treasured gift, I can meditate on these prayers for our son and can expand on them with various scriptures throughout the Word. I love knowing that I have a go-to resource to enhance my prayers for our boy.

I plan on paying it forward by gifting this treasure to some special people in my life. I hope these mamas will find these pieces of paper to be as precious to them in their prayer life for their little girls as I have with my boy. I pray they will one day pay it forward to another mama that will be able to pour into their kiddo’s life and the cycle will continue. I pray that through these cards, darkness will stay far from our kiddos’ lives and we will pound heaven’s door with prayers and petition on behalf of our children.

I would be remiss though if I did not also mention that as treasured as this gift is to me, there is another gift I have received that trumps any and all gifts I’ve ever received. The gift that God gave when He sent his son to die for my sins is without a doubt the most treasured gift I’ve ever been given. The gift of eternal life is the gift we should always cherish and we should never forget the giver.

If you haven’t received this gift yet, I pray you will pray the prayer below.

After you pray this prayer, my prayer is you will seek out someone that can help you fully understand the treasure you have just received. This gift is one that you will treasure for eternity!

We all receive gifts in this life. Hopefully you have received the most treasured gift of all time. And hopefully, you have received a gift from someone that has touched your heart in a way that no other gift has ever done. These treasured gifts are priceless and no matter how much time passes by, still pull at your heartstrings. These gifts also make you remember the giver and realize how thankful you are for the person that poured into your life. May the giver be blessed abundantly for her heart for others and for giving such a treasure so many years ago!


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