A Healthy Life

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Working out and eating right is a huge struggle for me. I certainly hope I’m not the only one out there with that issue! I’ve read more books, blogs, and articles about how we should eat and why we should exercise than I can remember. Despite all that time and effort, I have such a hard time getting off my comfy chair and lacing up my shoes to do a 30 minute workout. I want to be healthy and have a long life so I can see my son get married and have his own kids. One would think that would be motivation enough for me to kick it into gear. But, I still have a constant dialogue in my mind about if I am going to work out and eat right.

About three months ago I decided we needed to really look into a Paleo lifestyle. I bought a couple of cookbooks, Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods and Weeknight Paleo, read some more articles and jumped in with both feet. I have actually loved it and have felt so much better! I found a great bread mix that is super easy (Legit Bread Mix) and I now have two favorite recipes, brownies and tortillas (thanks to Paleo Grubs and  Stupid Easy Paleo). You know, these are three things all healthy lifestyles can’t be without! All kidding aside, the bread is a great addition once in a while and these are my two favorite recipes. I’ve found that incorporating these items in our eating helps me stay on course.

So, the eating is going well and seven days ago I started working out. For the first time in my entire 40 years, I have worked out consistently, thanks to Andrea at Deliciously Fit n’ Healthy! Much to my surprise, I am living to tell about it and actually am enjoying how it makes me feel (not at the moment but when it’s over)!

So, my goal is to keep 1 Corinthians 6:20 at the forefront of my mind and live each day in such a way that God is honored. If I can wrap my mind around this every day, I know that I will, in fact, not fall prey to the little voice telling me the couch is comfy and HGTV is calling. Instead, I will honor Him and add years to my life so I can see our boy grow into the man God is preparing him to be.


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  1. Thats funny cause i just met with someone about losing 15 pounds before my trip in may. Boy it’s hard to just get up and work out. Thanks for the inspiration.

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